What is the Startup Foundation?

A startup is an organisation formed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. – Steve Blank

Foundation commonly refers to:

Our goal is to lay the foundation, in the form of community forming events and by bringing together other essential elements to create a viable ecosystem from which startups and innovative entrepreneurs can accelerate their growth.

About the Startup Foundation

Founded in 2012, the Startup Foundation is a non-profit based in the Netherlands with the goal to support innovative entrepreneurship and the community behind it. We strive to become a solid foundation for anyone looking to start their venture with the best possible resources available.

  • It all starts with a community

    The community provides the soil for knowledge sharing through events, brain trusts and meetups. You’re not alone.

  • We believe in connections

    Learning from each other is great, but connections offer so much more. Even though you are the entrepreneur, you will need help, co-founders or maybe even employees down the road.

  • We bring disruptive events to you

    There are so many awesome events being held worldwide. We make sure you get to attend the best, without having to travel the world.

  • Guided by you

    We’re not funded by EU subsidies so we don’t have to tick any boxes. We exist to support you, and that means we do what you’d like us to do. Seriously, just let us know.

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