WPX Hosting Coupon: Get Upto 50% OFF (2021)

Are you searching for a working WPX Hosting coupon? Well, you’re in luck because I have one working WPX Hosting coupon available.

When I started looking for a working WPX Hosting coupon, I found a few coupons, and most of them were expired already. But still, there was one working coupon which is still working as of now. Hosting service is one of the crucial parts to make a website complete. Never choose just any hosting service in hurry. Always pick a hosting service that provides security, performance, and speed for your website and WPX Hosting is one of them.

In this post, I’ve featured WPX Hosting Coupon that includes a working coupon, how to claim the coupon, and pricing plans of WPX Hosting.

Let’s get into the details.

Valid WPX Hosting Coupon & Discount Codes

WPX Hosting is a name that may not be known among a lot of people because they believe in quality service over marketing themselves. Their services are one of the best in the hosting industry and I have been using WPX Hosting on most of my websites.

The one valid WPX Hosting coupon I mentioned, gives you a maximum discount of 50% on all plans for the very first month of the billing cycle. This coupon only works with new accounts and you will find this coupon only on this page.

If you would like to check out the WPX Hosting software, please feel free to use our discount coupon code “FIFTYOFF” at checkout to get up to.50% Off (100% VERIFIED & WORKING).

How To Claim WPX Hosting Coupon Easily?

Now you know how much discount this coupon offer. The real question is how you can easily claim this. To make it easier for you guys I have curated a special link that directly applies the offer for you. You also have to put the coupon offer manually. Follow all these given steps to complete the purchase using the coupon.

Step 1. Use our exclusive discount link that which will take you to the official website of WPX Hosting. It will look something like this.

WPX Hosting Coupon - Official Page

Step 2. Go over to the pricing section and click on WordPress Hosting to see the pricing. There are three plans available on WordPress Hosting. Now choose any one of the plans based on your requirements. See the pricing plans below in the screenshot.

WPX Hosting -  Pricing

Step 3. I am choosing the Professional plan to showcase to you guys how this offer works. You can choose any plan and then click on the “Buy Now” button to move forward.

Step 4. To begin the process you need to select between “I already have a website” and “I am launching a new website”. In the first option, you need to enter your existing domain URL to move to the next step. In the second option, you need to search for the domain you’ve just bought from the search box and then move forward. See the screenshot below for reference.

WPX Hosting -  Get Started

Step 5. On the next page, you will see three different hosting locations. If you’re in the Asia region then select Australia (Sydney) or you’re in the North or South America region then select the USA (Chicago), or you’re in Europe or Africa region then select the UK (London) option. 

WPX Hosting -  Hosting Location

Step 6. Once you’re done selecting a hosting location you will move forward to the account creation page. Here you will need to create a new account using your personal information. From the promo code section, you have to apply the coupon to get the offer. After using the discount it will look something like this.

WPX Hosting -  Sign Up

Step 7. Now select a payment method and I am selecting credit card method. You need to fill out your credit card details on the next page to finish your purchase.

WPX Hosting -  Card Details

Now you’ve completed all the steps to claim the offer on WPX Hosting. A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. Your website will also get migrated automatically within 24 hours.

WPX Hosting Pricing Explained

In the above section, I have mentioned that there are three pricing plans available on WPX Hosting. Now I will discuss all of those plans in detail so that you can make a decision easily.

Let’s begin.

1. Business Plan: The monthly version of the Business plan costs $24.99/month and the yearly version costs $20.83/month. There is two monthly free offer available on the annual plans. With this plan you will get 10 GB Storage, 100 GB Bandwidth, Free Malware removal, 30 sec of average response from the support team, free fixes if the site gets offline, site speed optimization for free, 99.95% uptime on a maximum of 5 websites. It also offers DDoS protection to your websites.

2. Professional Plan: The monthly version of the Professional plan costs $49.99/month and the yearly version costs $41.58/month. All the features of the Business plan are offered with this plan. This plan also offers to migrate up to 15 websites,  20 GB of storage, and 200GB of Bandwidth. This is the most popular plan of WPX Hosting.

3. Elite Plan: The monthly version of the Elite plan costs $99/month and the yearly version costs $83.25/month. If you have a lot of websites then I would recommend you to use this hosting plan. This plan offers to migrate up to 35 websites, 40 GB of storage, and unlimited bandwidth. You will also get all the features of the Basic plan with this plan.

You can see that based on your requirements, all of the plans are very flexible and affordable. I hope this will help you in making a decision.

” FIFTYOFF Coupon Code”

50% Off the any plan

Conclusion: WPX Hosting Coupon Codes

WPX Hosting is one of the best hosting services available on the internet because it offers speed, performance, and security to your website. All of these things are available with all the plans of WPX Hosting. It also offers many free features such as a staging area, 28 days automatic backups, high-speed custom CDN, 1-click WordPress Installs, and Superfast SSD Storage.

I’ve introduced you to the one working coupon of WPX Hosting and also how you can easily claim it. Now you can make your decision without any hassle. Let me know what do you think about WPX Hosting in the comment section below.

FAQs on WPX Hosting Coupon

Is there any money-back guarantee available on WPX Hosting?

The refund policy of WPX Hosting states that you can apply for a refund on WPX Hosting within 30 days of the purchase.

What are the charges for website migration on WPX Hosting?

There are no extra charges for website migration on WPX Hosting. Once you complete the purchase, experts on WPX Hosting will migrate your website for you.

Can I get SSL certificates on WPX Hosting?

Yes, you can get SSL certificates on WPX hosting free of cost.

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