Startup Experience

Sharing experience amongst founders

It can be tough to startup

Founding a startup can be daunting. We know that successful founders can have a meaningful impact, but most people don’t even start to execute on their great idea.

The world is changing exponentially fast, and so is the entrepreneurial skill set. It has never been easier to become an entrepreneur, but the learning curve to become a successful entrepreneur is becoming steeper every day.

Anyone can become a successful entrepreneur, with enough experience.

Share the experience

We connect founders who just did it with those who are about to have a go. So experience can be shared, gained and applied. Provided with unlimited coaching and a structured approach, starting founders are guided to validate their idea, and initiate execution.

Startup Experience

Startup Experience is our action learning programme on modern entrepreneurship. Startup Foundation runs Startup Experience programmes at universities, corporates and together with incubators and accelerators.

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